Fire Kettles

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Our Fire Kettles and Rings are up-cycled from propane tanks that are unfit for continued service.  Since a propane tank is a pressure vessel that means they are made from thick high quality steel.  In this case 1/4″ thick. So there is no fear of burnout in our lifetimes unlike the thin imports from your local home center.  Purchasing one is a life long investment for you, and the next generation too will be able to enjoy the relaxing warmth in years to come.

Each of our Fire Kettles is a unique piece of art and the dimensions do slightly vary.  The basic kettle is 36″ in diameter, 20″ in overall height, and the “bowl” is 16″ deep.  Since they are made from 1/4″ thick steel they end up weighing about 175lbs.

Basic 36″ Kettle

  • Is a minimum of 36″ in diameter
  • Is 1/4″ thick
  • Includes 3 sturdy pipe legs
  • Has 2 handles inset into the bowl
  • Includes a 1/2 drain hole
  • Is painted in high temp black paint
  • Solid Steel Wheels for rolling on your patio
  • Guard/Foot Rail
  • Design inset into the bowl – initials, wildlife scene, etc
  • Custom width or height


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