Mizzou Fans!!









Another custom cut for some diehard Mizzou Tiger fans who needed a fire kettle to support there team.  I made a pair, one for her and one for her Dad.  What a nice gift.  Might be a little heavy to take tailgating though.

– JP


Burly Bucks

Another Custom Fire Kettle with wheels and a hand cut logo.  The wheels are worth it to easily roll it out of the way on your patio.  The plasma cutter did bite me on this one though, but I’m healing nicely  🙁

– JP

Burly Bucks

Burly Bucks

X-Mas Time

I had a request for a fire kettle that was a rush before the holidays.  He wanted it with wheels and a monogram.  I knocked it out last weekend and below is the result.  I hope his wife is happy with it  🙂

Fire Kettle with Wheels     

smaller kettle with a kid guard

One of my clients wanted a smaller kettle bowl , but also wanted a guard to keep the kids back a bit.  This “bowl” is a 2:1 hemisphere tank end and 30″ in diameter.  This makes for a shallower kettle but it’s still 1/4″ thick  🙂  I rolled the guard from 1″ pipe with an 1/8″ wall thickness.  It was all I could do with my manual roller.  Overall diameter is 40″ and a height of 16″.


A smaller lighter and more mobile kettle

Here’s a custom sized Kettle for a client.  34″ across, shallower, lighter weight, and with wheels.  She wanted it to fit an existing vintage table top she had and wheels to make it easier to roll around on their patio.