2013, a slow year for kettles

Well 2013  was a slow year for fire kettles.  I broke my arm in July when I fell off my rock wall which kept me from working in the shop.  We also had an addition to the family – Holly was born Sept 1st.  Kids really slow you down  🙂  I did manage to get some time out in the shop before X-Mas and made a few.  The Mizzou ones came out nice.

Burly Bucks

Another Custom Fire Kettle with wheels and a hand cut logo.  The wheels are worth it to easily roll it out of the way on your patio.  The plasma cutter did bite me on this one though, but I’m healing nicely  🙁

– JP

Burly Bucks

Burly Bucks

X-Mas Time

I had a request for a fire kettle that was a rush before the holidays.  He wanted it with wheels and a monogram.  I knocked it out last weekend and below is the result.  I hope his wife is happy with it  🙂

Fire Kettle with Wheels     

Making progress

Many steps are involved in making a fire kettle.  Finding tanks is the hardest.  No wait dealing with the stink of them is the hardest  🙂  Here’s some shots of slicing things up.


come home with me

I saw this heading home from work last week.  I really wished it was coming home to my place.  No matter as my little tractor can’t handle the 1000 gallon tanks.


the beginning

You can’t make a kettle without first having a tank.  Tanks are difficult to find and when they’re available you have to jump.  Even if it’s a cold snowy day in February  🙂