Fire Rings










Our Fire Kettles and Rings are up-cycled from propane tanks that are unfit for continued service.  Since a propane tank is a pressure vessel that means they’re made from thick steel.  In this case 1/4″ thick so there is no fear of burnout in our lifetimes unlike the thin imports from your local home center.  Purchasing one is a life long investment and  you will be able to enjoy  the relaxing warmth in years to come.

Our Rings are a more economical option to our Kettles.  They’re still heavy duty and will last a lifetime.  You can just leave this at the campsite or deer lease on it’s own.  They also look nice “rocked” in with either field stone from your garden (if your ground is like mine) or with those retaining wall precast blocks from the home center.  Using a steel ring as liner to the stonework will protect the rock and mortar from cracking from the heat.  Simply wrap the ring with 2 layer of cardboard and then lay your stone.  The cardboard will burn up and leave an air gap to allow for expansion and you stone won’t crack.

Basic 12″ Ring

  • 37″ in diameter
  • 1/4″ thick
  • Is painted in high temp black paint
  • 1/3″ Cooking/Warming Grill
  • Removable Cook Grate
  • Design inset – initials, wildlife scene, etc
  • Custom height (14″, 16″, etc)