smaller kettle with a kid guard

One of my clients wanted a smaller kettle bowl , but also wanted a guard to keep the kids back a bit.  This “bowl” is a 2:1 hemisphere tank end and 30″ in diameter.  This makes for a shallower kettle but it’s still 1/4″ thick  🙂  I rolled the guard from 1″ pipe with an 1/8″ wall thickness.  It was all I could do with my manual roller.  Overall diameter is 40″ and a height of 16″.



  1. Christian Broucqsault says:

    What is the cost for this smaller kettle with a kid guard? Also, can you tell me if there is a hole at the bottom of the kettle? Finally, where are you located?

  2. All Kettles have a 1/2″ drain hole in the bottom. We are located in Stanton, MO an hour West of St. Louis. Please see this link about pricing and options:


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